Anechoic Chambers

The materials used in the walls and ceiling of an Anechoic Chamber are such, that there is little or no reflection of Electro Magnetic Waves. This is accomplished by the geometry and the absorptive nature of the materials.

Anechoic Chamber



Anechoic Chambers


ITC features a 10 Meter Semi-Anechoic Chamber with turntable designed to carry up to 8,000 lbs of load.

There is a wide variety of power sources available to emulate the actual power configurations in the intended end-use environment or market including:

  • 48Vdc through -72 Vdc with 100 Amps Capacity
  • 90 Vac through 120 Vac, 50/60Hz with 1000 Amps Capacity
  • 208Vac through 480 Vac, 50/60Hz with 800 Amps Capacity